WR90 Full Band Hybrid Coupler
The WR90 hybrid coupler is an advanced directional coupler tailored for applications within the X-band spectrum, specifically designed for rectangular waveguides. Operating with 3 dB coupling, it evenly divides input signals between two output ports.
Wideband Double-Ridge Waveguide High-Power Circulator/Isolator Design
A Circulator is a three-port device where power can be transferred from one port to another while the third port remains isolated. The Port 1 of a Circulator can be considered as a transmit (TX) port, which directly sends the signal to the coupled port. In general, in the coupled port, an antenna is connected, which receives the signal and sends the signal to the receiver (RX) port. A high isolation is required between TX-RX ports. For an Isolator, the third port is terminated with a matched load. Therefore, in terms of the power transfer, the signal can go from
Wideband Double-Ridge Waveguide High-Power RF Combiner Assembly
A high-power combiner assembly is a critical component in microwave & RF systems that allows multiple high-power RF signals to combine efficiently into a single, high-power output. These assemblies are categorized in terms of isolated and non-isolated systems. In general, for an isolated power combiner, circulators or magic-tees are used. These assemblies are essential in various applications, including telecommunications, military radar systems, and academic scientific research. In this whitepaper we will focus on two newly developed Double-Ridge Waveguide High-power Two-way RF Combiner Assemblies. The first one is a WRD250 isolated 2-way combiner operating from 2.5-7.5 GHz, capable of handling an
WR28 Broadwall coupler with coaxial Interface
The mm-wave Broadwall couplers are essential components for RF systems. Couplers are normally divided into two categories based on their coupling level: the strong and weak coupling structures. Broadwall coupler falls in the category of weak coupling structures used for test and measurement purposes. Broadwall couplers can either sample in the forward or reverse direction, enabling various applications.
WR90 32-way Power Combining Assembly
The power combining networks are essential assemblies in radar applications. The coverage range of the radar is limited by the available power. In this project, we aimed to construct a huge assembly to combine 32- power amplifier modules. The number of modules is large to reach 5000 watts of CW power in X-band.