Microwave communications systems are utilized in numerous commercial applications, from home TVs to mobile communication systems. Each new generation offers improvements to the transmission systems improving from the simple sector antennas to advanced phased arrays antennas, adaptive antennas, and MIMO antennas. The improvements result in the support of a higher number of users and improved data rates as well as extended signal coverage.

Beamforming microwave networks and highly directive antennas are the key elements of a fast and reliable transmission. The microwave elements are designed to cover wide bandwidth for the highest rates possible of transmission and to ensure the coverage of all the targeted spectrums for commercial applications.

SMC provides a broadband communication system to meet various requirements from cellular communications to home satellite TV and the Internet. Our technologies offer versatile and wide-reaching solutions to meet the anticipated requirements. We cover all the frequency bands utilized in LTE, 5G, 5GB, and 6G standards. In addition, we offer different components serving mm-wave applications featured with wideband and low cost. All our devices can be fully integrated into IoT networks and mobile communication systems with a high data rate of transmission.