Research & Development

SMC offers a wide range of millimeter and microwave solutions for R&D applications.

Our vertical integration allows us to flexibly meet the needs of our customers at multiple levels: from design and developments of components to subsystems. We address the needs of both commercial and military customers from our core product platforms. Our government customers benefit from low-cost, high-volume processes. Our commercial customers benefit from new technology to fit their requirements.

Most SMC products designed for R&D applications are tailored to specific missions; however, SMC is aware of our R&D Customer’s needs for high performance products in relatively short schedule time.

SMC offers a wide range of high-power microwave, millimeter wave, hybrid and multi-function products for R&D Applications. Put the depth of R&D technology experience and our breadth of product solutions to work for you. Our sales engineering team is ready to assist you.

Radar/EW – RF & Microwave

Components Manufacturing Techniques

SMC prides itself on its precision manufacturing process to be able to achieve results that are precise and in ranges that many companies do not offer. This is achieved through an initial electrical design process and then followed by a mechanical design process.

Standard tolerances for milling on a 3-axis machine is ± 0.005″. To achieve the results by which SMC stand, our tolerances range between ± 0.0002” and ± 0.0005” and our components go through a thorough QC process using both manual and coordinate measuring techniques.

We use high-performance vertical machining centers delivering exceptional quality and performance, and having the latest, state-of-the-art technology, unsurpassed in accuracy, speed, and rigidity. We generally use standard milling techniques based on our specific designs and tolerances, which as previously mentioned, are much more stringent than the standard industry processes. Smaller tools are used for more well-defined results in conjunction, where needed, slower milling processes. High end carbide tools are used to obtain best results.