Unlike most organizations, the armed forces cannot rely on ready access networks such as mobile networks, leased lines, or other broadband connections. In many of their operating environments, there is little to no infrastructure. Furthermore, even if the infrastructure exists, it may not offer the requisite levels of reliability and security. Armed forces require fast deployed networks that can operate in any geographical, weather, or security conditions.

From ground to naval forces microwave communication systems are present in every military application. They offer a broad band of operations to simultaneously accommodate the various applications of the military such as data communication, missile guidance, and radar systems. Wireless microwave networks are inherently less vulnerable and more reliable than networks using buried or pole-mounted copper or fiber.

HMCS Regina

SMC offers fully robust and reliable systems that enhance the overall operation between military ground, surface, air, missile, and space-based radar and communication systems. SMC provides the most durable and secure solutions to accomplish the required objectives in a cost-effective manner. We cover all the frequency bands deployed for military applications with extremely high power handling capabilities. We are proud to serve many defense sectors all over the world for four successive decades.