Space communications require microwave components with exceptional electrical and mechanical capabilities. They require wide spectrum bandwidth coverage with compact size, high power handling capabilities, and low weight. In addition to, special care and modifications need to be carried out to ensure the reliable and durable operation of microwave components in such irregular environmental conditions.

Multiband operation is utilized in space applications for simultaneous contact with satellites, space relays, and the base station. This requires fitting multiple sets of networks in the space shuttle to support this type of operation. The size and weight of such components should be minimized as possible to reduce fuel consumption and reduce the size of the shuttle. Maintaining the systems to preserve them from failure is a costly matter, as a result, the deployed components should be durable, reliable, and of the highest quality.

The ability to deploy lightweight and compact complex systems with a long-term reliable operation is essential in space stations. Our advanced microwave components and solutions can accommodate diverse space applications with the highest degrees of reliability and freedom. We offer vacuum-sealed components for operation in space with NASA-approved materials to increase durability and minimize outgassing. We offer various microwave components covering all frequency bands deployed in space communications.

SMC is proud to have components in the Canadian Arm and the Hubble Telescope.