Geosynchronous equatorial orbit (GEO), medium earth orbit (MEO), and low earth orbit (LEO) satellites are the general defined altitudes, each with its own required different communication system specifications. Some of the examples are communications in satellite TVs, global positioning systems (GPS), and Iridium phone systems. The type of application and altitude determine the required power and beam directivity. This defines the different characteristics of the deployed microwave components.

The microwave communications systems deployed in the orbiting satellite require continuous operation with reliable and steady output. They have high power handling capabilities with compact and low sizes. The satellite feeding systems also couple orthogonal modes for the antenna to transmit to further increase the data rate transmission without increasing the spectrum. Further modulation techniques are used to enhance the rates of data transmission.

State-of-the-art communication systems that could be integrated directly with other high-speed networks are crucial for satellite communications. SMC offers a wide range of antennas and feeding structures covering the whole spectrum for satellite communication systems. We provide satellite feeding structures for antenna systems with linear or circular polarization. We offer antennas with various levels of gain and wide bandwidth suitable for integration with reflector structures for LEO and GEO satellites.