Landing systems are key essential components for aircraft navigation. They are responsible for guiding the aircraft, aligning it on the correct glide path, and assisting in approaching the runway at night or in bad weather. They utilize various microwave components to transmit and receive information to center controllers and control towers with very high power and data rate. Reflector antennas are usually deployed for these types of applications for their high gain, narrow beamwidth, and high-power handling capabilities.

Many stations are used in the communication system of the aircraft, such as approach azimuth and elevation guidance, range guidance, and data communications. Each station has its own band of operation and independent system to allow for a high rate of transmission and reliability. This requires the aircraft to support many microwave components integrated together with compact and stable performance, unaffected by harsh weather or turbulences that occur mid-flight.

Flexible and durable microwave solutions are critical for microwave landing systems with precise and high data rate communication. SMC offers highly reliable advanced solutions to meet any demand. Pressurized components are available covering all the frequency bands with compact size and low weight. We offer devices that withstand high vibration and temperature levels while operating with the ultimate performance.