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Rectangular Waveguide Magic Tees

Rectangular Waveguide Magic Tees

SMC has a complete line of rectangular waveguide Magic Tee Hybrids. These devices may be used as dividers or combiners with isolation between E and H-ports (35 dB min.) and collinear ports (15 to 20 dB min.) Our designs combine low VSWR and insertion loss, a balanced power split and high isolation over at least 25% of the band.



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Rectangular Waveguide Magic Tee


Rectangular Waveguide Magic Tee

Pressurized and TVAC units are available based on the client requirement.
Partial bands are available upon request with better electrical characteristics and/or more compact size.

Model NumberWaveguide SizeFrequencyVSWRE-H Isolation (dB)Co-Linear Isolation (dB)Dimension ADimension B
SMC-176010WR-1075.0-110.0 GHzUpon RequestUpon RequestUpon Request0.50.25
SMC-176012WR-1260.0-90.0 GHzUpon RequestUpon RequestUpon Request0.750.5
SMC-176015WR-1550.0-75.0 GHzUpon RequestUpon RequestUpon Request0.750.5
SMC-176019WR-1940.0-60.0 GHz1.30:1301710.75
SMC-176022WR-2233.0-50.0 GHz1.30:130171.50.75
SMC-176028WR-2826.5-40.0 GHz1.20:130201.50.75
SMC-176034WR-3422.0-33.0 GHz1.20:1302021
SMC-176042WR-4218.0-26.5 GHz1.20:1302021
SMC-176051WR-5115.0-22.0 GHz1.20:130202.51.25
SMC-176062WR-6212.40-18.0 GHz1.20:130202.51.25
SMC-176075WR-7510.0-15.0 GHz1.20:130202.51.25
SMC-176090WR-908.20-12.40 GHz1.20:1302031.5
SMC-176102WR-1027.00-11.0 GHz1.20:130203.51.5
SMC-176112WR-1127.05-10.0 GHz1.20:130203.51.75
SMC-176137WR-1375.85-8.20 GHz1.20:1302052.5
SMC-176159WR-1594.90-7.05 GHz1.20:130205.52.75
SMC-176187WR-1873.95-5.85 GHz1.20:1302063
SMC-176229WR-2293.30-4.90 GHz1.20:1302084
SMC-176284WR-2842.60-3.95 GHz1.20:13020105
SMC-176340WR-3402.20-3.30 GHz1.20:13020126
SMC-176430WR-4301.70-2.60 GHz1.20:13020147
SMC-176510WR-5101.45-2.20 GHz1.20:13020168
SMC-176650WR-6501.12-1.70 GHz1.20:13020189

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