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Double-Ridge Broadwall Couplers

Double-Ridge Broadwall Couplers

SMC Offers an extensive line of double-ridge waveguide, W/G Secondary, Broadwall Directional Couplers. Coupling values range from -10 dB to -50 dB with optimal coupling flatness. Directivity is typically 30 db minimum.


Double-Ridge Waveguide Single Broadwall Couplers

Couplers can be provided with 30, 40, 50, 60 dB coupling.
Directivity and Coupling sensitivity can be enhanced for partial band operation.
Pressurized and TVAC units are available based on the client requirement.
*WRD250S/WRD600 are SMC special designed double-ridge waveguide structures that cover extremely wide band 3:1.
*WRD600P is an SMC special designed double-ridge waveguide structure with exceptional high power handling capability.

Model NumberWaveguide SizeFrequencyCoupling Sensitiviy ( ±dB)Directivity (dB)Main Arm VSWRDimension L
SMC-192D180WRD18018.00-40.00 GHz2201.2:1≥ 9
SMC-192D200WRD2002.00-4.80 GHz2201.2:1≥ 30
SMC-192D250WRD2502.60-7.80 GHz2201.2:1≥ 25
SMC-192D250S*WRD250S2.50-7.50 GHz2201.2:1≥ 30
SMC-192D350WRD3503.50-8.20 GHz2201.2:1≥ 20
SMC-192D475WRD4754.75-11.00 GHz2201.2:1≥ 16
SMC-192D500WRD5005.00-18.00 GHz2.5201.2:1≥ 16
SMC-192D580WRD5805.80-16.00 GHz2201.2:1≥ 14
SMC-192D600*WRD6006.00-18.00 GHz2201.2:1≥ 14
SMC-192D600P*WRD600P6.00-12.00 GHz2201.2:1≥ 14
SMC-192D650WRD6506.50-18.00 GHz2201.2:1≥ 14
SMC-192D750WRD7507.50-18.00 GHz2201.2:1≥ 14
SMC-192D840WRD8400.84-2.00GHz2201.2:1≥ 30


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