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Double-Ridge Pressure Inlets

SMC offers a wide range of double-ridge waveguide Pressure Inlets.

Double-Ridge Waveguide Pressure Inlets

Partial bands are available upon request with better electrical characteristics and/or more compact size.
Pressure can be provided with the range from 15-60 psi.
*WRD250S/WRD600 are SMC special designed double-ridge waveguide structures that cover extremely wide band 3:1.
*WRD600P is an SMC special designed double-ridge waveguide structure with exceptional high power handling capability.

Model NumberWaveguide SizeFrequencyVSWR
SMC-063D840WRD8400.84-2.00 GHz1.15:1
SMC-063D200WRD2002.00-4.80 GHz1.15:1
SMC-063D250S*WRD250S2.50-7.50 GHz1.15:1
SMC-063D250WRD2502.60-7.80 GHz1.15:1
SMC-063D350WRD3503.50-8.20 GHz1.15:1
SMC-063D475WRD4754.75-11.00 GHz1.15:1
SMC-063D500WRD5005.00-18.00 GHz1.15:1
SMC-063D580WRD5805.80-16.00 GHz1.15:1
SMC-063D600P*WRD600P6.00-12.00 GHz1.15:1
SMC-063D600*WRD6006.00-18.00 GHz1.15:1
SMC-063D650WRD6506.50-18.00 GHz1.15:1
SMC-063D750WRD7507.50-18.00 GHz1.15:1
SMC-063D180WRD18018.00-40.00 GHz1.20:1

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