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Rectangular Waveguide Bandpass Filters

Rectangular Waveguide Bandpass Filters

SMC Offers a full range of rectangular waveguide Bandpass Filters covering the waveguide sizes WR10 thru WR750. Their superior electrical performance are characterized by low loss, wide-out-of-band rejection, in and out of band spurious free response and very high power handling capability due to our proprietary design techniques developed by SMC.

** Dimensions are listed in inches.

Rectangular Waveguide Bandpass Filters 50% BW

Pressurized and TVAC units are available based on the client requirement.
Rejection can be 40-50-60 dB based on the client requirement.
*WRD250S/WRD600 are SMC special designed double ridge waveguide structures that cover extremely wide band 3:1.
*WRD600P is an SMC special designed double ridge waveguide structure with exceptional high power handling capability.
Filters are available with coaxial and/or waveguide interfaces.

Model NumberWaveguide SizeFrequency RangeILRLDimension (L) inch
SMC-031650WR-6501.12 – 1.70.12325
SMC-031430WR-4301.7 – 2.60.12316
SMC-031340WR-3402.2 – 3.30.152312
SMC-031284WR-2842.6 – 3.950.152311
SMC-031229WR-2293.3 – 4.90.15238
SMC-031187WR-1873.95 – 5.850.15237
SMC-031159WR-1594.9 – 7.050.15235.5
SMC-031137WR-1375.85 – 8.20.2204.75
SMC-031112WR-1127.05 – 100.2204
SMC-031090WR-908.2 – 12.40.3203.75
SMC-031075WR-7510-15 GHz0.3203
SMC-031062WR-6212.4 – 180.3202.5
SMC-031051WR-5115 – 220.3202.25
SMC-031042WR-4218 – 26.50.3201.75
SMC-031034WR-3422 – 330.3201.5
SMC-031028WR-2826.5 – 400.4201.25
SMC-031022WR-2233 – 500.4201.25
SMC-031015WR-1550.0-60.0 GHzUpon RequestUpon Request1
SMC-031012WR-1260.0-90.0 GHzUpon RequestUpon Request1
SMC-031010WR-1075.0-110.0 GHzUpon RequestUpon Request1

Specifications (100% Bandwidth)

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