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Double-Ridge Bends

SMC has a complete line of flanged double-ridge rigid waveguide Bends in E-plane, H-plane, and multi-bend forms. Mitered cast, formed and machined types can be provided.


** Dimensions in columns A-B are listed in inches.

Double-Ridge Bends

Typical VSWR is 1.10:1 over the full band for most waveguide sizes, and Insertion Loss is less than 0.1 dB for most common configurations.

Model NoWaveguide SizeFrequency Range (GHz)Dimension ADimension B
SMC-002D180WRD18018 – 40As RequiredAs Required
SMC-002D200WRD2002 – 4.8As RequiredAs Required
SMC-002D250WRD2502.6 – 7.8As RequiredAs Required
SMC-002D350WRD3503.5 – 8.2As RequiredAs Required
SMC-002D475WRD4754.75 – 11As RequiredAs Required
SMC-002D580WRD5805.8 – 16As RequiredAs Required
SMC-002D650WRD6506.5 – 18As RequiredAs Required
SMC-002D750WRD7507.5 – 18As RequiredAs Required


Parts number prefixes are as follows: 

E-Bend Mitered Casting 002D / Form Bend 004D / Machined 006D

H-Bend:  Mitered Casting 003D / Form Bend 005D / Machined 007D

Multibend WG Assy 008D

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